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Sheri co pastors with her husband of 38 years Francisco at Outreach Church of God. Together they have lead a church of precious believers in Brandon Florida since 2000.

Sheri leads the women’s ministry, children’s ministry and the emotional healing and deliverance ministry as well as her Missions ministry.

Sheri has a heart to carry the message of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to the nations. Preaching to the poor, healing the broken hearted, proclaiming liberty to the captive and opening prison doors of spiritual bondage.

She has seen countless lives changed through the manifestation of Gods love and power. She is anointed in the areas of emotional healing and deliverance and carries the message of victory through relationship with Jesus Christ the Messiah. She has been called a Mother to the nations because of her love for the body of Christ and the desire to see them prosper in every area of their destinies in Christ.


Women of Destiny meetings are held the second Friday of each month at Outreach Church of God. These meetings are for women from the region to come together to build up and encourage one another in their walk with God. The goal of these meetings is to create an atmosphere where the manifest presence of God shows up and heals His people and where miracles, signs and wonders are received.


The Lord Jesus has provided wholeness for the Body of Christ. The Father is transforming us into the image of His son Jesus Christ. Through emotional healing and deliverance, we can come into wholeness, and experience peace, joy, love, and victory.

The goal of this ministry is to walk with one another to see the father set us free from hindrances that keep us from a Victorious life.

The Bible says we will experience tribulations while in this world, but we should not be afraid because He has overcome the World therefore we also overcome the World and victory is already allotted to us through all that Christ has supplied. When confronted by a trial, we may fall prey to the works of the enemy. Through Emotional healing and deliverance, we can overcome the effects of trauma to our emotions and pull down the lies of the enemy which can open doors to strongholds of depression, sadness, grief, weariness, and hinderance to mention a few.


Sheri helps others through healing conferences and healing prayer sessions. The Lord has healed many through this ministry.  She is anointed for this work and has learned much by walking through her own healing. She continues to apply these truths to her life when confronted with a trial. Sheri has received healing from a childhood impacted by abuse as well as powerful healing of her marriage early in her walk with Christ.

Sheri has come through a battle with Cancer in 2017 in which she has found the Lord faithful to His Word and able to give her the victory in the face of death. Emotional healing and deliverance were powerful weapons in overcoming the attack of sickness. Nothing is impossible with God!


Children see God and can move in the Holy Spirit just like adults. Request our training manual on how you can guide your children to live in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


Sheri and Francisco her husband have an ongoing 20 year mission ministry to Cuba. They have helped to build a church and mentored, discipled and supported the local pastors in building the Kingdom in Cuba. Sheri also has mentored youth for ministry which has resulted in an Arts Academy which impacts the island of Cuba as youth are given the opportunity to worship Christ through dance, flags, Art and prophetic ministry. The academy is a year long program in which young people are trained and discipled to carry the gospel of Christ and minister His truth through creative arts. This ministry is resulting in many young people spreading the gospel.


Sheri has been ministering in Guatemala for 15 years. The ministry there began on the top of a mountain in a small village. Where the Lord faithfully preformed miracles and changed many lives through the message of the Love of God in a community that has experienced many hardships.

She helped to change the spiritual atmosphere in the region around Chimaltenango Guatemala through holding conferences and ministering the love of God. Pastors and women’s conferences as well as youth and children ministry has brought much healing to the region. She works with a local pastor to accomplish the building of the Kingdom.

Sheri has been working with youth for Christ ministry in Esteli Nicaragua where she has had the privilege to minister to youth in the public school system. She also has taught on emotional healing and deliverance and prayed for many to become free from bondage that holds them back from a victorious life. She also preaches the gospel of Christ with signs following.

Nicaragua,  Cuba, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Holland, Canada, Dominican Republic and South Africa are some of the nations she has ministered the love of God and continues her missionary work. 

 Sheri impacts the nations by nurturing the Body of Christ and encouraging them to live in the victory of Christ and to operate in the fullness of God to see the hand of God move through miracles, signs and wonders.


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